What People Are Saying…

“Your visit for our primary grades here at Riley was a roaring success! You engaged and delighted our students. They even loved just the right amount of age-appropriate suspense as you told your some friendly, seasonal tales. It was great to see plenty of student laughter and participation as well as enjoyment of your great stories… a definite Halloween week “treat” for all involved! In addition, it was a pleasure for our staff to visit with you at lunch and to gain suggestions for ways to use oral storytelling with our students. Thanks again for a memorable visit!”

Karen Ditthardt, Literacy and Media Teacher, James Whitcomb Riley Elementary School, Arlington Heights, IL

“My children and I attended your storytelling event in Woodstock on Saturday. We thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. It has been such a joy to hear [my children] retelling your stories all weekend. We also purchased your DVD and I’ll be honest with you, I thought they would watch it a few times and move on, but they have watched it 10+ times at least already! My 4 yr old son, the giggler, just keeps asking for me to start it over when it finishes. Thank you for moving us all with your talents and sharing your stories.”

Michelle Thompson, Customer Service and Procurement Manager, Progressive Components, Inc.

Many thanks for a great program. I even received emails from members who loved it and good comments from one or two members who had no idea what a storyteller would be like.

Countryside Garden Club, Crystal Lake IL

“What a great day! I cannot tell you how many staff members beyond the teachers commented on your presentation, along with all the parents last night.  All were very positive!”

Kelly Stoudt, Librarian, Countryside School, Barrington, IL

“Jim had the undivided attention of the crowd, from 2 year olds to 82 year olds. His spectacular way of storytelling inspires the young to repeat his stories for months following hearing them. It was a honor and a blessing to (hear you) speak!”

Amy E. Britt, Executive Director, Seminole Chamber of Commerce

“I can’t thank you enough for coming to our troop’s meeting last week. I waited to write you, because I wanted to hear the girls’ feedback at our meeting and share their reactions with you. I’m sure you already know this based on the girls’ reenactment of Boo Baby Girl following our meeting, but they LOVED you. Who wouldn’t, though? Throughout the week, I’ve heard traces of your stories uttered (“bootsy with the calcified booger,” “vindow viper,” “I am the ghost…,” and girls pretending to pump up their muscles through highly exaggerated nose breathing) in the school hallways and cafeteria as well as our house. Other parents have shared how their girls took their books home and immediately read them (voices included) to their families. Based on those observations, I had a good hunch that they enjoyed your visit, and their feedback from a few days ago confirmed that assumption. They laughed at how you scared them and how awesome you and your stories were. They all enthusiastically (big round eyes and heads fervently bobbing up and down) agreed that they would go to see you again. The most telling reaction was the girls asking if they could have a meeting where they could read their own stories to the troop — I didn’t spoon feed any suggestions for this activity. It was ALL them. 🙂
Thank you for giving the girls this experience and adding so many smiles to our daily routines. I’m sure we will see many more smiles and share many more laughs at your expense. Thank you for inspiring the girls to tell their own stories. Thank you for giving me the experience with our troop. That meeting and its ripple effects were absolutely priceless.”

Tracy, Girl Scout Leader

“It was  truly an honor and delight for the Frankfort Library patrons to listen to you tell your stories last Friday on Breidert Green. Storytelling is your special gift, and you shared that gift with many that day, who were captured by your charm and natural ability to draw the audience in and leave them wanting more. Your stories are told with just enough humor, just enough fear and just enough heart to hold the interest of both children and adults alike. What a wonderful way to spend a hot, summer morning in Frankfort, IL!  All left with a deeper appreciation of listening and learned the importance of passing our own stories on from you, a master storyteller!”

Marva Saunders, Youth Services Dept., Frankfort Public Library

“Thank you for a wonderful day and night of Storytelling at Thomas Jefferson School. My four year old daughter, Madysen, was so mesmorized by your performance that she retold Boo Baby all the way home. She demonstrated your other stories for her father and her stuffed animals! Thanks for inspiring so many minds!”

Jennifer Reilly, Reading Specialist, Thomas Jefferson School

“Brookview is still buzzing about the wonderful storyteller we had for our Family Literacy Night. You have really set the bar high! It was educational and fun. Everything we wanted. Brookview is a big fan of Jim May!”

Mary Jane Boswell, Reading Coach, Brookview School

“Thank you for coming to HJH and sharing your storytelling talents with all of the 7th grade students. They really enjoyed listening to all of your stories. I enjoyed your stories and lessons. Your enthusiasm has inspired me to try some storytelling in my classes. I also want the students to give it a try.”

Earlene Camasta, 7th Grade Language Arts, Harvard Jr. High

“The best residency we’ve had in fifteen years.”

Dr. Howard Bultinck, Superintendent, Northfield School District, Northfield, IL

“Your picture book, The Boo Baby Girl Meets the Ghost of Mable’s Gable, is the most popular book in our school library.”

Jay Stailey, Principal, Houston, TX

“Everyone has been thrilled with your work here.”

Johanna Herrick, Librarian, DeSilva School, Hilo, HI

“You left lasting memories. Students are still reciting stories they learned.”

Judith B. Cox, Principal, Pisgah Elementary School, Chandler, NC

“I’ve never seen my L.D. kids so totally wrapped up in an auditory activity.”

Mary Prokusky, Special Education, Edgebrook School, McHenry, IL

“May deftly combines a child’s sense of awe and freedom with an adult’s awareness of life’s stickier complexities. These touching and humorous episodes add up to a childhood that’s as richly remembered as it is charmingly related.”

Cleveland Plain Dealer

“…storytelling has become a living art. Old stories may be colored now with new images and understandings, like Jim May’s subtly hip version of a classic Jack tale.”

Esquire Magazine